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Do you feel your smile could use some improvements? Do you have gaps in your teeth, overcrowded teeth, or a misaligned bite? If so, you should consider the many benefits of the various orthodontic services provided by our Jamaica orthodontist here at GoodDay Dental. Straight teeth and a rightly aligned jaw not only make your smile look better, but they also make it easier for you to have better oral health for the rest of your life. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and so having straighter teeth decreases your risk for developing tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other similar issues.

Orthodontic devices like braces and retainers are designed to put a constant pressure on your teeth, but in a manner that is gentle enough that it remains comfortable for you. The pressure gradually guides your teeth into a better position over time until your smile goals have been reached. Braces are made up of brackets that are placed directly onto your teeth, and wires that run through the brackets. The wires are tightened during each visit to our Jamaica orthodontist to keep your treatment plan on track.

If you think you could benefit from braces provided by our Jamaica orthodontist, you should schedule an appointment for a consultation here at GoodDay Dental. During this first appointment, we can discuss the changes you would like to make in your smile, and examine the current state of your teeth in order to determine the best orthodontic method to treat them. If we decide braces are best for you, we can then go through our different braces options with you. We always have the traditional metal braces available, but you might also be interested in our tooth-colored braces options in order to keep your orthodontic work more discreet and less noticeable to others. These options are particular popular with adult patients and older teenagers. For more information about these and other services, please visit the GoodDay Dental website, or contact our staff directly with any specific questions that you have. We look forward to working with you and giving you the smile you have always wanted.

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