Richmond Hill orthodontics

Richmond Hill Orthodontics

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Orthodontic services in Richmond Hill

If you or a loved one needs orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to find a high-quality Richmond Hill orthodontics practice that provides services for patients of all different ages. You want an orthodontic practice that has knowledgeable staff members who are experienced with children, teens and adults so every member of your family can conveniently go to one office for all of their needs. That’s what you’ll receive a GoodDay Dental.

If you’re looking for a great Richmond Hill orthodontics practice for your entire family, you’ve found it. In fact, you can get all of your dental care needs taken care of in one convenient location. We are a comprehensive dental practice that’s equipped to meet the dental care needs of each member of your family. Our orthodontic services will provide you with the functional and cosmetically pleasing smile you desire. We offer a wide array of braces to meet the needs of each of our orthodontic patients. Most people are familiar with traditional braces. They have been around for decades and have been proven effective in treating many malocclusions. However, some find that they are too obvious and unattractive, others find that they are not comfortable due to the wires and others don’t like them for all of those reasons. Fortunately, we have many other options to offer our patients. In addition to traditional, other types we offer include but aren’t limited to clear ceramic braces and Invisalign. Clear ceramic braces are similar to traditional ones but are less visible because the metal brackets are placed on the tongue side of the mouth. Invisalign braces were created to eliminate many of the problems associated with conventional braces. Many people like them because they don’t contain wires and brackets but rather, a clear, plastic, removable appliance that many find comfortable to wear and cosmetically pleasing. The material they’re made of is virtually invisible, so no one would know you’re wearing them.

To learn more about our Richmond Hill orthodontics services, contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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